We have also been working in Joomla webdesign for more than 13 years. Joomla takes more work to upgrade between major releases than Wordpress. But on the upside, Joomla has some very flexible and customized tools. Used properly, these tools can help make awesome websites! There are a multitude of Joomla components and modules available. Integrating them seamlessly together takes knowledge and expertise if you want to have a fast website.

With our 13 years of expertise with Joomla comes in-depth experience working in the php code. As part of this we enjoy working on SEO, optimization, and web consulting Joomla projects for our clients. There are quite a few businesses taking advantage of Joomla in Toronto and across the GTA including Oakville and Burlington.

If you need help with your Joomla website please give us a call or learn more about the web site development work we do in Joomla.



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