Optimal Market Risk Management Advisors is a Toronto based company that develops risk e-Learning tools to aid financial institutions with managing and communicating risk

Optimal MRM has over 25 years of experience working in market risk, capital markets, and traded credit risk management. They work with many financial sectors including banking, pension fund, insurance, and hedge funds.

Web Development Notes

For this web development project, we were involved in Wordpress theme upgrade / customizations for mobile devices, visual modifications and site loading speed improvements.

Part of the design was done in house so we provided the tools and support for the development and worked with the Optimal MRM team to complete the site together.

We are also helping with redirect management and some basic search engine optimizations (SEO).

The key goal for this project was to upgrade and retool the website to provide a more modern and mobile friendly website.



Contact us

1100 Burloak Drive, Suite 300
Burlington, Ontario L7L 6B2 Canada
(416) 203-6798