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Elehost is a web design and web hosting company based in Toronto, Canada.

Since being established in 1998, Elehost has been providing unparalleled customer support and top quality web design. The combination of our services, pricing, friendly way of conducting business, and compassionate corporate philosophy is very unique in today's business world.

Some people call us Elephanthost, for the elephant within us.

Elehost strives to provide the highest level of personal service. We make the development of long standing relationships a priority.

The staff at Elehost have an in-depth experience in creating professional and complete web designs. Whether it is simply to host a web site, or the design of a complete e-commerce solution, Elehost can assist your company with a step in the right direction.

Consider us a helping hand in using the Internet as an effective tool for promoting your business.


An introduction to what motivates us PDF Print

An introduction to what motivates us:

Elehost is a socially and environmentally conscious organization.

We make every effort to reduce the environmental impact we have by conducting business. This includes such small things are turning lights off when not in use, printing only what is needed, replacing power supplies with more efficient models and upgrading to newer and more energy efficient technology.

Our continuous efforts in being a green organization stems from the belief that we are all interconnected.

We foster a genuine respect for all life in this world and are outspoken in support for those people and groups who feel the same way.

By choosing to step aside and evaluate the situation from many different angles, this gives us a unique ability to take everyday experiences and exhibit them in a manner that is worthwhile, informative and understanding.

Our staff is actively involved in broadening their horizons. This includes hobbies and activities that widen the imagination and strengthen our creative abilities.

Elehost has been active in supporting The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust through donating Web Design and Hosting services for over 10 years. This is just one of the many projects we are involved in to make the world a little bit better.


Why Elephants? PDF Print

Thank you for your interest in elephants.

The compassion, communication and social nature of elephants are something we admire and strive to achieve in our daily work. They are beautiful and intelligent fellow animals with very big hearts.

Our company and employees are actively involved in numerous projects of an elephant nature. Listed below are two in particular which provide a great deal of information about elephants and are in existence to further their survival. For more information on the non-profit compassionate work we do please see our Non-Profit Portfolio page.

Below are two web sites we have worked on concerning elephants:

Elephant Information Repository

The Elephant Information Repository: a great website to find out more about elephants

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Daphne Sheldrick saves orphan elephants and rhinos

Elehost has been actively involved in designing and hosting the Trust's site almost all as a donation. We feel it is a very worthwhile cause and are honoured to be involved in their life saving work.

Daphne Sheldrick has devoted her life to saving orphaned animals and to further the survival of elephants. She has a very compassionate heart, and has a unique message to offer people. Daphne is like an oasis within a world of self-interest. Please visit their site and consider supporting their Wildlife Trust.

Lastly, we ask that you never buy ivory products and if you are unsure if something is made with ivory then please be safe by not buying it.

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It's who we are PDF Print

Its who we are:

Additionally, as fellow animals, we tend to be so caught in our every day experience that we lose focus on the suffering we are causing to other living beings through every day living within society. At Elehost, we believe the impact our daily existence is having on the world (especially on the animal kingdom) needs to be constantly recognized.

Once experienced, this realization is like a light that opens up within the mind. A light that erases the moral separation we have crafted within our society for our own gain. A light which shows the commonality of all life and the need to take steps to end our cruelty and to ease the suffering of all beings.

Elehost wants to make a little difference, however small, to help speak out for those individuals who can not talk for themselves.

We care about the world, the environment, and the elephants that are being destroyed from our greed. We also believe that each and every kind gesture and word spoken not only matters, but can have a real positive impact in our world.

We strive to be involved in projects to further the education of people around the world concerning the plight of the elephant. Please see our portfolio section to learn more about the projects we have been involved in.

Lastly, we wish everyone who strolls by our website lasting happiness in their lives.


Opening the Mind

"To develop a compassionate heart is not just an idealistic overlay. It arises from seeing the truth of suffering and opening to it."

Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg


“As a small business owner, I've learned the importance of trust - it will lead to referrals and help grow a business. This is why I chose Elehost Web Design.

Elehost is making my business visible here in Barrie so I may establish the customer relationships I need for success. I've come to rely on Elehost for my Web Design and to host my website.

They have provided my business with prompt customer service and a customized Wordpress template to get things moving in the right direction for my site. I'm thoroughly impressed.”

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